About us

About Us


Medyaf is the first Saudi application that offers a unique idea in providing housing or for the purpose of residence in the Middle East and the Gulf, By providing a wide and varied options such as apartments, rest houses, chalets, villas and offices Administrative. It offer opportunity for the  service providers to attract the largest possible number of users For their condominiums by displaying them in the app.

What is our vision? 

In Medyaf, we look forward to provide the largest housing platform that benefits the user in his travel and gives him various options that are appropriate to his needs and capabilities, and with a permanent reference to housing and residence.

What distinguishes hospitable from others?  

It provides a unique experience ranging from ease of use and residential investment opportunities to a variety of comfortable accommodation options

My advantages as a customer: 

 Medyaf offers a wide variety of accommodations in the Middle East and the Gulf.

Medyaf is concerned with the credibility of displaying all the information and pictures related to each property.

 Medyaf is characterized by the ease of direct communication between service providers and users.

 Medyaf is keep on presenting different assessments to clients through their residential experience.

My advantages as a service provider:


Medyaf offers the opportunity for the client to investment by offering their residential properties through the application.

Medyaf is keen to satisfy its customers by offering the free subscription feature for life

medyaf allows service providers to self-manage their investment properties by applying service providers.

medyaf let its customers to take benefits of their vacant apartments by renting to clients , this great feature considered as second income for them.